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CMshare was design by John Guido. AKA 90's Kid Johnny. All schematics and tutorials are given free. If you've built and enjoyed this device, it would mean alot to me to let me know. johnny90k@icloud.com

Original Prototype!

What is CMshare?

CMshare is a Commodore Monitor Adapter that utilizes the Luma And Chroma Inputs on commodore monitors, and allows you to connect S-Video devices to them. This allows you to share your commodore monitor with other devices, such as but not limited too, Super Nintendo's, Sega Genesis's, Gamecubes, 3D0's, TG16's, etc etc etc, all while not losing video quality by using *shudder* composite cables!

How Does it work?

CMshare is composed of an S-Video Jack, that naturally, you will plug your device into. S-Video distributes video via 2 seperate signals. (Luma and Chroma). The device splits these 2 signals into 2 RCA connectors that are then connected to your Commodore monitor. This retains the high quality video of S-video, and does not downgrade like an s-video to composite adapter. I have also added a variable resistor, which can be added to boost either the colors, or brightness, or both!

Isn't RCA just another word for composite?

No! RCA is merely an electrical connector. It can be used to carry a variety of signals. Composite video carry's the entire video signal through one cable. This is why it is so noisy and blurry. The video signal here is split into two, and two RCA connectors are used to output.

Can I use this to connect my Commodore 64 to A Television set that has an Svideo Input?

Yes! You will need to wire the CMshare slighly different at this point. If your build contains the potentiometer, You will have to wire the RCA connections on the IN pin, Rather than the OUT pin. You would then connect your C64's Luma and Chroma Cables to the CMShare, and output to TV. However, plans our in development for an All in one Device. Stay tuned!

Ok. I want one. How do i get it?

You build it! Seriously, at this point i am offering instructions on how to build it. It can be built entirely with parts you may already have laying around. Even if you need to buy the parts, it should cost less than a tenner. It is possible in the future that premade kits, DIY kits, and Printed PCBs will be available.

What Parts Do I need?

At Minimum, You will need (1) SVideo Jack. (2) RCA Jacks , Various lengs of Wire (24 AWG Seems to work nice). A 50 - 300 OHM Potentiometer can be added to allow fine tuning of either the Luma Or Chroma (or both!) signals. I also recommend a piece of PCB board to solder all this onto. Keep an eye on the shop, as soon I would like to offer printed PCBs to make assembly much easier and cleaner looking. You can either order these parts online from various sellers, (Ebay, Amazon, Mouser, etc) or you can salvage alot of these parts from broken electronics! (My prefered way! I built my first version of this from a broken VCR and DVD player!)

Do you have a video of how to construct?

One is coming soon. Check back here soon.

I need to talk to you.

email me @ johnny90k@icloud.com